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STEALTH- personal exhale filter

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UNDURCUVUR has done it again!  We have created a very simple idea that packs a big punch.  Great for your car, apartment, room, backyard, balcony, or in a crowd.  STEALTH personal exhale filter is a tool that can help.  Exhale filters are not new to the market but our competition uses expensive filters that only last 50 or so uses before you have to buy a new one...for almost as much as you paid when you bought the unit the first time.  Our system works on dryer sheets available anywhere.  We include 20 Mountain Fresh filters which will last up to 400 uses..after that you can try any aroma available at your local store!  Does it work?  Hell yes it does.  A simple solution for what can be a serious issue.  Pair it with our ONE odor proof dugouts for a small footprint go anywhere combination.

Includes Food Grade Silicone Filter tube and 20 starter filters (good for 400+ uses). 

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Customer Reviews

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Had them a couple years

Absolutely one of the best products I've purchased. I have a high profile sales job which I'm in the public eye quite a bit. A little cologne piece of gum and this item fixes almost every issue. Thank you guys for coming up with it. I've used mine for a long time and I see more coming.

Mindful design

This item was built to last and with the filter replacements easy to find I can see years of usage to come! Over all very pleased with my whole order. Thanks for creating great products!


They are exactly what they need to be. I love the reusability of this item. I ordered 2 one for the house and one for the car. They came 2 days early. Thanks love them

Thanks Steve! We design our products to solve a problem and engineer them as simply as possible. Its our goal to make them a one time purchase that lasts forever. Glad you like them. -Kurt

Works exactly as advertised

It's quite sturdy and works very well - with fresh dryer sheets the smell is 100% masked. It performs exactly the same as other homemade dryer sheet tubes, but it's a lot more discreet and definitely easier to maintain. Well worth the small investment.

A suggestion to the manufacturer: perhaps a few different models, each with different diameters? For instance this product is perfect for my wife, but a slightly larger one would be a bit more comfortable for me. Thanks!

Simple and effective

It’s a simple little device that works well. It small enough and the included dryer sheets will last a long time.