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(1 pc) STEALTH- personal exhale filter

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UNDURCUVUR has done it again!  We have created a very simple idea that packs a big punch.  Do you like to smoke in your car, apartment, room, backyard, or even in outside but you worry about the smell?  STEALTH personal exhale filter is a tool that can help.  Exhale filters are not new to the market but our competition uses expensive filters that only last 50 or so uses before you have to buy a new one...for almost as much as you paid when you bought the whole unit.  Our system works on dryer sheets available anywhere.  We include 20 Mountain Fresh filters which will last up to 400 uses..after that you can try any aroma available at your local store!  Does it work?  Hell yes it does.  A simple solution for what can be a serious issue.  Pair it with our ONE odor proof dugouts for a small footprint go/smoke anywhere combination.

Includes Food Grade Silicone Filter tube and 20 starter filters (good for 400+ uses). 

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