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ONE-GLASS- WINDOW (odor proof dugout system)

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All dugouts now include our FILL tool!

ONE.v2 has been released for 2020!
 Check it our here.

ONE: What you always wanted a one hitter to be.  


PLEASE NOTE: You will need to select which type of bat (one hitter Bat Material) you would like in the drop down above the add to cart button.  This is defaulted to our Pyrex Glass  option, but we offer several one hitter bat options each with their own price point.

First, pick your one hitter material.

Upgraded Aluminum(white): *NEW! upgraded ALL WHITE Aluminum Bat  It has the same clog-free internal structure as our Titanium and Glass bats. We throw in some cleaning pads and hard bristle cleaners to keep you in the action. Always FREE shipping!  Our bat is 76.8mm long with a 8.2mm diameter.  (includes 1 bat)

Aluminum (Matte Black): *NEW! Upgraded Aluminum Bat with the same clog free design as the glass and Titanium bats. (includes 1 bat)

Pyrex Glass (clear): Glass is great, they are durable but they are glass so they can break. They have a clog free design which is superior to the Budget Aluminum bats (includes 3 bats)

Titanium (sliver): Our top of the line option.  We partnered with Hightanium Designs out of Colorado to have them make us a custom Surgical Grade Titanium bat that is sure to please even the pickiest glass users with unmatched durability. The internal structure matches the clog free design of the glass bats(Includes 1 Bat).

Titanium (black): Same specs as the silver titanium option, but in black.

Titanium Outlaw (silver w/removable bowl)-  Looks just like the regular Ti bat but has a threaded bowl at the end that can be removed for easy cleaning.

Titanium Vagabond (silver with decorative ridges and removable bowl) *NEW!-Has the same functionality as the Outlaw, with a threaded bowl that can be removed for easy cleaning, but with Machined decorative ridges for our fancier customers.

This revolutionary dugout is 100% odor proof, waterproof, and airtight.  This is a glass stash jar and a custom one hitter bat that we wrapped head to toe in soft rubber to create the the smallest odor-blocking glass "all in one" stash container on the market. 

The glass storage jar has 2.5 mm thick sides and a super thick 7 mm bottom.  The glass has to be made to exact dimensions in order to for all the pieces to fit together correctly.  Our focus on quality is relentless.  We spent two years in development on these products alone.  We have picked the proper blend of polymers (rubber) to eliminate "gas permeability" which is how odor is transported through rubbers like silicone.  Silicone rubber has 450 TIMES the gas permeability of our rubber blend.  So if a competitor claims to be smell proof but is using Silicone in their designs we would find that claim very difficult to believe.  This product was custom designed and tested exhaustively to make sure we deliver the experience you are looking for.

They are very durable and the grip of the rubber ensures it will not "slip" out of your pocket at the wrong time. .  It;s about the size of a bar of soap; It's sleek and stealthy and you are going to love it. .  If you do not wish to have the "Fuel Gauge" viewing window on your ONE dugout system check out the other version available on our site; ONE-full coverage.  


Check out our combos offerings and pick up a STORE jar for just $10 more!

How Durable are our dugouts? We toss one in the air in the video below:



Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
None better!

I have had my dugout for several years now. I recently went on a motorcycle trip from Texas to Arkansas. Some where in Oklahoma I misplaced it. I thought I lost it forever. As I was getting ready to leave Arkansas, checking out the bike, i saw a black thing sitting between the frame and my exhaust. I found it!!!! It rode for at least 100 miles with it laying against a hot exhaust pipe and barely left a mark on it. I don’t know how it didn’t melt be I am thankful! Great product and none better in my opinion. This is all I use!!

Great product and wonderful service

I love my no odor dugout. It came with 3 glass one hitters. When I broke two of them, I was happy to see they sold the replacements. Price and shipping were reasonable and my order was processed immediately. I get tons of compliments and I have spread the word about this great product. I will buy v2 as it looks a bit thinner and will fit better in my pocket. It’s so convenient and I don’t reek of weed when I have it on me.

Andrew Jackson
Perfect addition!

From the very start opening up my dugout i was beyond impressed! It actually took me a good second before i even seen it in the packaging from all the extra goodies that were sent! The fill cone is a great feature, no more messy overspill! Ive been using it since i received it and it actually really is convenient and truly smell proff. Getting the v2 already for a second dugout! The shipping is fast and so is the customer service........didn't have a problem just a few questions that were promptly answered.

Josh, St. Louis
So Good

If there is anything better than Undurcuvur products, it’s the people behind those products. The windowed One dugout is a fantastic bit of engineering and design, and Ben is a class act and all-round top-notch human. I’m a customer for life.

Jim K.
Excellent customer service

I recently purchased the smell proof dugout kit with the titanium container and bat. This is the best piece of smoking equipment I’ve ever owned.
Unfortunately with daily use, I pulled on the cover a little too hard and slightly tore it.
After telling Undercuvur what happened. They said they would mail me a new cover. There’s not many companies out there that look out for their customers like they do.
You have a new customer for life!
Thanks so much.