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ONE.v2 -GLASS Full Coverage (odor proof dugout system)

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All dugouts now include our FILL tool!

 ONE.v2  with CLEAR GLASS Storage Area + FILL - Our NEW Patented version of our best Selling One Dugout and our FILL tool- (Shredder to dugout filling tool).  We listened to you!!  This new offering includes an attached cap, new bat storage and overall design that is 30% smaller and 30% lighter than our previous offering.  Of course it maintains our 100% odor proof guarantee.  We know you will like it as much as we do! This offering includes a CLEAR GLASS Storage area and also includes our new FILL tool! 

The advantage of the CLEAR GLASS Storage area over the SILVER or BLACK ALUMINUM Storage areas is that you can pick from any of our Aluminum or Titanium one hitter bat options. The advantage over the TITANIUM storage option is price...unfortunately, due to the 13mm diameter of the ONE.v2 dugout we do not recommend the glass bats.   If you prefer Glass Bats please look at our original ONE dugout line.  US PATENT PENDING

Add a shredder to complete the package; see the ONE.v2 system in action below: *GRYND shredder and STORE 1/2 size Jar shown in video are sold separately.


PLEASE NOTE: You will need to select which type of bat (one hitter Bat Material) you would like in the drop down above the add to cart button.  This is defaulted to our This is defaulted to our White Ceramic option, but we offer several one hitter bat options, each with their own price point.

First, pick your one hitter material.

Upgraded Aluminum(white): *NEW! upgraded ALL WHITE Aluminum Bat  It has the same clog-free internal structure as our Titanium and Glass bats. We throw in some cleaning pads and hard bristle cleaners to keep you in the action. Always FREE shipping!  Our bat is 76.8mm long with a 8.2mm diameter.  (includes 1 bat)

ALL White Ceramic (includes 2 bats). our new White ceramic bats are the only non metal option available for our ONE.v2 dugouts.

Aluminum (Matte Black):  Upgraded Aluminum Bat with the same clog free design as the glass and Titanium bats. We love this thing!(includes 1 bat)

Pyrex Glass (clear): The Diameter of this dugout storage areas (13mm inside diameter) makes packing the glass bats difficult.  For this reason we do not offer glass bats for sale with our Version 2 ONE dugout. ONE.v2.  It is part of our commitment to only offer you products that perform exceptionally.

Titanium (sliver): Our top of the line option.  We partnered with Hightanium Designs out of Colorado to have them make us a custom Surgical Grade Titanium bat that is sure to please everyone with unmatched durability. The internal structure matches the clog free design of the glass bats (Includes 1 Bat).

Titanium (black): Same specs as the silver titanium option, but in black

Titanium Outlaw (silver w/removable bowl)-  Looks just like the regular Ti bat but has a threaded bowl at the end that can be removed for easy cleaning. (includes 1 Bat)

Titanium Vagabond (silver with decorative ridges and removable bowl) The New Closure system on this version can be damaged by the ridges on the VAGABOND when inserting so we do not offer this option with ONE.v2.  It is part of our commitment to only offer you products that perform exceptionally and last until you lose them.

Titanium Bamboo (silver with decorative ridges and removable bowl) The New Closure system on this version can be damaged by the ridges on the VAGABOND when inserting so we do not offer this option with ONE.v2.  It is part of our commitment to only offer you products that perform exceptionally and last until you lose them.

This revolutionary dugout is 100% odor proof, waterproof, and airtight.  This is a glass stash jar and a custom one hitter bat that we wrapped head to toe in soft rubber to create the the smallest odor-blocking glass "all in one" stash container on the market. 

The glass storage jar has 2.5 mm thick sides and a super thick 7 mm bottom.  The glass has to be made to exact dimensions in order to for all the pieces to fit together correctly.  Our focus on quality is relentless.  We spent two years in development on these products alone.  We have picked the proper blend of polymers (rubber) to eliminate "gas permeability" which is how odor is transported through rubbers like silicone.  Silicone rubber has 450 TIMES the gas permeability of our rubber blend.  So if a competitor claims to be smell proof but is using Silicone in their designs we would find that claim very difficult to believe.  This product was custom designed and tested exhaustively to make sure we deliver the experience you are looking for.

They are very durable and the grip of the rubber ensures it will not "slip" out of your pocket at the wrong time. .  It;s about the size of a bar of soap; It's sleek and stealthy and you are going to love it.



Customer Reviews

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Ordered this on sale as a backup for my main One V.2. These are by far the golden standard to which all others should be compared.
Total confidence in discretion.
Don't even think about it just buy it.
It works and it will last through daily use!

Kory Scott
The One

This is now the gold standard for dugout products. I spent a ton of time looking for something better than what I had and happened by undurcuvur by complete chance.
Product quality 10/10
Customer service 10/10
Don’t second guess just buy it!!

I own everything

I own everything uc llc sells. Undurcuvur is 100% customer service oriented and their products are unsurpassed.


I was leary When I found out about this product. would really work but it does I don't smell anything when I'm not supposed to. It's compact. it came with a lot of extra stuff that I was not expecting in order to maintain it for quite a long time. I really do Appreciate that the little tools and things to do that, but most of all. I appreciate a product that Does what it says and more? It's really a neat little product. It also keeps your herbs air tight so they don't dry out. I would recommend this to anyone who has a need.

Best dugout design out there

It's great. I got the titanium everything.
No smell like advertised. Rubber material seems durable. Titanium is machined fairly well, but there were definate burrs in a few places. It's for a dugout, so not a big deal!

I also received 3 additional ceramic bats, thanks.

My only complaint is with the Outlaw titanium bat. It's a nightmare to clean. The threads will get gross and are just hard to clean....on both sides. Takes a lot of effort and time to clean. With a traditional bat, you just clean the bowl side and push through to the other end, with the Outlaw you have to clean the front and back of the tip, the main hollow body, and both threaded areas.
I just don't see any benefit having a bat that comes apart...just my 2 cents 😉