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FILL- Dugout/Shredder filling tool. *NEW

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Another simple innovation straight from our mind grapes!  This multi-use funnel acts as a gasket between our GRYND 55mm Shredders and our ONE Dugouts.  This one part fits all our dugout styles!  Use with a GRYND shredder and ONE Dugout for the easiest and cleanest dugout loading experience. Works great to fill a dugout without a shredder Or with alone with a shredder to fill STEAM or any glass piece. This is unique to our company! Price includes shipping!

Customer Reviews

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Cole Ferguson
Honest reviews by cofergus

Short and simple it’s the best and must have accessory for your undurcuvur dugout. Lucky for you their customer service is unmatched and you usually get this free on any dugout you buy Undurcuvur.

We invented this unique product because it just makes sense. It works great with the dugout; but also for a bowl or into papers. Not sure why other companies haven't copied this. All Grynders should come with one. Once you use it , you wont want to be without it.

The missing piece that really brings it all together

I’ve had the original glass dugout for quite a while and just received this item after contacting undurcuvur for a replacement lid and it is exactly something that I’ve wished I had when filling. This company has great customer service and great products! Highly recommend!

Laura Rio
Awesome Tool

This is my second purchase from UC and I am beyond pleased with everything- start to finish. My order arrived quickly, and I was given this filler tool as a freebie! I will continue to be a repeat customer! Thanks guys!

A Must Have

Ive been using a modified plastic kitchen funnel to fill my One DugOut with. But not anymore! This filling tool works as advertised and conveniently folds up.👍👍