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GRYND 55mm- Large Odor Proof Shredder

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All of the 55mm GRYND now come with a FILL tool!

Check, Check, Check it out.  The first of it's kind.  We took a classic high quality and very effective Shredder and put our own spin on it.  The new 100% Odor Proof GRYND 55mm-large Shredder from UNDURCUVUR with our patent pending Smell Proof Bands.

THE GRYND 55MM LARGE now comes with a Matte Black finish (flat sheen) in stead of the glossy finish shown.  Updated photos coming soon.  The entire GRYND line will have this finish in time.

This 55mm Shredder has 4 parts and 3 odor blocking bands.

Our Shredders are made from aircraft grade aluminum in a classic design.  The metal teeth provide a "medium-fine to fine" finished result to your herbs.  This tool is an essential counterpart to our ONE dugouts (especially for the glass bats).  If you don't have one yet, it's time.  Store it anywhere, take it anywhere. No stress, no mess.

The rubber bands, made with our special 100% Smell Proof Polymer, cover the connections on the tool and block the smell.  They also provide grip and make the tool more efficient and easy to use.  With enough room to simply slide the bands up or down you should never need to take them off.  Since nearly 100% of Shredders use magnets to hold the top piece in place our band also provides extra protection to keep the lid on and secure in a back pack or if dropped.  Nothing like it on the market.  You are going to love it. 100% odor proof, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Customer Reviews

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Ken Oberkrom
Best Upgrade

The 55mm large Grynd arrived today and it performs like a rock-star. Solid machined with logo engraved atop. The bands are clearly adjustable and do help with operation. Was previously using a tiny 1.5 inch model. The size worked pretty good (tbh) for the "One-Glass" dugout jar opening size.

However, now that I have this righteous large one (fits much better in hand for operation) with the handy fill adapter, there is simply no going back.

At first use

This grinder has a solid, quality feel. A little smaller than I anticipated, although the size was clearly stated it somehow looks a little bigger in photos...anyway that had no bearing on its performance. I loaded it full of nugs and it smoothly ground through them with just a few twists, leaving minimal debris in the grounding chamber. The result is a medium fine, fluffy and very uniform texture. Very nice! After grinding up enough to fill my ONE glass container nicely, I had a nice amount of Kief in the bottom for use. And, the odor proof bands work as well as the ONE and STORE in terms of blocking the smell, which is to say they work very, very well.

Thanks George!