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(1pc) ONE-TITANIUM Replacement Titanium Storage Jar

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Did you break your glass in your ONE Dugout? That stinks. 

Buying a new ONE Dugout with a glass storage area but want to pick up the Titanium Storage as a back up? 

On offer is a Titanium storage area created by Hightanium Designs out of Colorado specifically for our ONE Dugouts.  Titanium is pricy but it is the only material, other than glass, that can handle the hardness of the Titanium Bats we sell.  We pick up the shipping cost for you as well.  

Tip-If you broke your glass be very careful removing the jar.  We suggest using water as lubricant and working the glass out from the bottom wearing gloves.  *UNDURCUVUR LLC and its Affiliates cannot be held responsible for any injuries that occur.  It's glass y 'all; so be careful!