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ONE-GLASS-Replacement Storage Jar

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Did you break your glass in your ONE Dugout? That stinks. 

Buying a new ONE Dugout and want a back up glass storage area? *THIS LISTING WILL NOT FIT THE ONE.v2.  Contact us if you broke your ONE.v2 glass!

Let us help you out with this glass storage area replacement. TWe pick up the shipping cost for you as well.  

Tip-If you broke your glass be very careful removing the jar.  We suggest using water as lubricant and working the glass out from the bottom wearing gloves.  *UNDURCUVUR LLC and its Affiliates cannot be held responsible for any injuries that occur.  It's glass y 'all; so be careful!

**Did your glass break and you don't think it should have? Are you on a fixed income?  Ex-Military? Cash Po' and need a come up? Send us an email and we will hook you up!

Customer Reviews

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Josh, St. Louis

I love when companies give you the ability to service their products, so this was an easy buy for a clumsy clod like myself. I hope to never need it, but the peace of mind is priceless.

Chris Scott
Superb product, zero imperfections

Received the dugout over a year ago as a gift, I absolutely love it. I nearly cried when I had a clumsy moment with it and an elbow, and broke my jar. I HIGHLY recommend the dugout! And, of course, for accidents, this replacement!


Dropped my other w/o the cover on. Ordered and got a new one right away. Great service they tell you to use gloves and eye protection when removing the broken one. Good advice

Fits perfect.