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Borosilicate Glass Replacement bats (pack of 2)

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A 2 pack of high quality Pyrex replacement glass bats specifically designed to fit in our ONE odor proof dugouts.  (77mm long and 8.1mm wide) We throw in some cleaning pads, hard bristle cleaners and pic/tamper tools  Price includes shipping! 

 *We do not recommend these glass bats for the new ONE.v2 dugout as the diameter of the jar is too small to let them work effectively.

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Casey Rufkahr

Bees knees

Cole Ferguson
Honest reviews by cofergus

Please see my other reviews:
I really went back-and-forth with this in the titanium and matte bat. This was the easiest to hold in my lips and tasted the best when used. As stated before, stealth is very important to me. This bat, although very light and very tasteful is not very discreet. It looks like you’re smoking a crack pipe to someone who would pull up, or look in your vehicle. That’s my only complaint and most of the packages come with at least one Pyrex bat to try.

Great glass bats!

I love my dugout, I’ve had it for over 2 years and these glass bats are the perfect size for me. Overall durable but I go through a set about every year - not a bad price for the comfort and the ease of cleaning. I’ll probably continue to get them, love the pipe cleaners and the wipes.

Bowl is too small

I like the look and feel of your glass bats, but the bowl is waaayyy to small to even be usable. Almost impossible to load any herb into it unless its really dry and can be crumbled to dust. Great idea but the execution fell short. Love all their other products though.

Great news Mike! We are about to bring back 1.5mm wall Glass Bats. When we switched suppliers due to quality issues we increased the wall thickness to 2.0mm increase durability and safety. We added the sandblasted edge to help give it grit. Our new supplier has much better quality and has made us 1.5mm wall bat that are still quite durable. We upgraded them with the sandblasted edge and will have them on the site soon. I just processed an order to send you the first set! While glass bats will never pack as easily as the Aluminum and Titanium bats on our site we do think they have a place in the lineup! Thanks for the feedback. -Kurt

Kurt is the best, amazing service!

The dugout is amazing, as a clumsy guy I always have to buy extras of these and Kurt always sends them super fast! Love these guys.