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GR2 Silver Titanium Replacement bat (1)

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A Surgical Grade Custom Made Titanium bat specifically, and thoughtfully designed, by our friends at Hightanium Design out of Colorado, to fit in our ONE odor proof dugouts.  We throw in some cleaning pads, hard bristle cleaners and pic/tamper tools  Price includes shipping! 


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Customer Reviews

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So smoooooth

Just received my titanium bat and couldn’t wait to try it out. I didn’t expect such a pleasureable experience. Awesome, thx.

Dugout and such

Awesome container that I can't see how the glass could break . Just ordered the titanium bat which in an hour I will know how that does . I would like to get a titanium container to switch out in my dugout for outdoor trips save the glass at home . Any time you think they would be available separately?

Thank you for the kind words! Yes, we can offer the titanium storage jar separately. I will send you an invoice with the details.

No replacement glass for dugout

Why can i buy a replacement hitter but not a replacement for the glass of the hitterbox i bought because i didnt want to spend 110 on The titanium version

HI Josh,
We don't have them on the site because breakage is rare. If you had send us an email we would have sent you a replacement at no charge. If you still have the rubber let us know.