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GR2 Black Titanium Replacement bat (1)

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A Surgical Grade Custom Made Titanium bat with Black Powder Coating finish, designed to fit in our ONE and ONE.v2 odor proof dugouts.  We throw in some cleaning pads, hard bristle cleaners and pic/tamper tools  Price includes shipping! 


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honest reviews by cofergus

Please see my other reviews:
So of all the bats, this is my favorite. You can pack multiple bowl packs and it does not get hot and it does not taste like aluminum or any metal or have the potential to chip. The only problem I have with this is that it’s awfully heavy for something made out of titanium. With the Pyrex, aluminum, and matte bats, you can hold them in your lips while you fire up the bats, but the titanium bat is just a little heavy for that.

Josh, St. Louis

Beautifully machined and finished, this titanium bat is a great upgrade. The wide inner stem has to be the best thing to come along since the advent of the dugout.