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ONE.V2-GLASS-Replacement Storage Jar

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Did you break your glass in your ONE.V2 Dugout? That stinks. 

Buying a new ONE.V2 Dugout and want a back up glass storage area? *THIS LISTING WILL NOT FIT THE ONE  Contact us if you broke your ONE glass!

Tip-If you broke your glass be very careful removing the jar.  We suggest using water as lubricant and working the glass out from the bottom wearing gloves.  *UNDURCUVUR LLC and its Affiliates cannot be held responsible for any injuries that occur.  It's glass y 'all; so be careful!

**Did your glass break and you don't think it should have? Are you on a fixed income?  Ex-Military? Cash Po' and need a come up? Send us an email and we will hook you up!