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ONE.v2 ALUMINUM Replacement Storage Jar

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Did you break your glass in your ONE Dugout? That stinks. 

Buying a new ONE.v2 Dugout and want a back up storage area?

Let us help you with a replacement Aluminum Jar that will never break!  This replacement jar will fit all ONE.v2 dugouts. We pick up the shipping cost for you as well.  This listing is for the Aluminum replacement jar ONLY. *THIS LISTING WILL NOT FIT THE original ONE.  

*WE DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THE TITANIUM BATS WITH THESE ALUMINUM JARS.  The Titanium is much harder than the aluminum and it can scratch the jar when filling. We do offer a Titanium version of this jar for use with Titanium bats.  The Titanium Jar is spendy for sure, but it is the only non-glass option we recommend for the Titanium bats..

Tip-If you broke your glass be very careful removing the jar.  We suggest using water as lubricant and working the glass out from the bottom wearing gloves.  *UNDURCUVUR LLC and its Affiliates cannot be held responsible for any injuries that occur.  It's glass y 'all; so be careful!

**Did your glass break and you don't think it should have? Are you on a fixed income?  Ex-Military? Cash Po' and need a come up? Send us an email and we will hook you up!