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Get our top selling ONE dugout with a STORE jar at a nice discount.

This includes our FULL COVERAGE ONE dugout AND our STORE stash jar with a NET design rubber exoskeleton.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to select which type of bat (one hitter Bat Material) you would like in the drop down above the add to cart button.  This is defaulted to our budget Aluminum bats but we also offer Pyrex Glass Bats and Titanium options each with their own price point.

First, pick your one hitter material.

Aluminum(white): budget option, won't break, classic design. (includes 2 bats)

Pyrex Glass (clear): Glass is great, they are durable but they are glass so they can break. They have a clog free design which is superior to the Budget Aluminum bats (includes 2 bats)

Titanium (sliver): Our top of the line option.  We partnered with Hightanium Designs out of Colorado to have them make us a custom Surgical Grade Titanium bat that is sure to please even the pickiest glass users with unmatched durability. The internal structure matches the clog free design of the glass bats(Includes 1 Bat).

Titanium Outlaw (silver w/removeable bowl)-  Looks just like the regular Ti bat but has a threaded bowl at the end that can be removed for easy cleaning.

ONE: What you always wanted a one hitter to be.  

This is the Every Day Carry (EDC), go anywhere, solution you have been looking for.

This revolutionary dugout is 100% odor proof, waterproof, and airtight.  This is a glass stash jar and a one hitter bat that we wrapped head to toe in soft rubber to create the smallest odor-blocking glass "all in one" stash container on the market.  

The glass storage jar has 2.5mm thick sides and a super thick 7mm bottom..  The glass has to be made to exact dimensions in order to for all the pieces to fit together correctly.  Our focus on quality is relentless.  We spent two years in development on these products alone.  We have picked the proper blend of polymers (rubber) to eliminate "gas permeability" which is how odor is transported through rubbers like silicone.  Silicone rubber has 450 TIMES the gas permeability of our rubber blend.  This product was custom designed and tested exhaustively to make sure we deliver the experience you are looking for.

They are very durable and the grip of the rubber ensures it will not "slip" out of your pocket at the wrong time. .  It's sleek and stealthy and you are going to love it. .  If you would like a "Fuel Gauge" viewing window on your ONE dugout system check out the other version available on our site, ONE (Window).


STORE: Let's talk about Stash Jars for a minute.  80% of our competitors use jars created by a commercial jar other words, they order it out of a catalog, put a logo or design on it and try to charge you $25.  The other 20% make them at their house and put a cork in them when they are done.  That's why we got into the business.  It seems as if we the only jar company that has created and manufactured a jar specifically to hold your stash. 

Our custom jars are created using a combination of a glass machine press and human manipulation to ensure perfect proportions in order for all of the parts to fit together properly.  We chose the size and shape of the jar to mirror the size and shape of your cargo.  Our first jar series STORE was designed to hold at least an 1/8th oz of any herb and up to a 1/4 oz of more dense legal herbs.

A must have item for home or on the go.  This 100% odor proof, airtight, waterproof, ultra-durable glass stash jar is wrapped head to toe in soft protective rubber.

We manufactured a great size jar at just over 4.5" tall (116mm)  and just over 1.75" wide (47mm) and had it made with extra thick 3.0mm glass.  We then wrapped the entire thing in 2.5mm flexible rubber to keep your cargo safe.  They are clearly the most durable glass stash and storage jars on the market. The soft rubber cap slides into a tight fit on the glass creating a very tight seal. Fits in your pocket or purse and a lets you take your your stash anywhere while remaining UNDURCUVUR.

The cap and sleeve are made of soft, flexible, stretchy, rubber.  This is a one of a kind closure system in the industry. We have found the proper fit and design to create an airtight seal but still be easy to open. You just pop off the top and you are ready to go.  Almost all of our competitors use a screw top release design that is neither fast or efficient.  

When we say odor proof...we mean it.  We have hand-picked a proprietary blend of polymers (rubbers) with the goal of eliminating gas permeability (which is how odor is transported through polymers like silicone).  Silicone rubber has 450 TIMES the gas permeability of our rubber blend.  This product was custom designed and tested exhaustively to make sure we deliver the experience you are looking for.  

All of our orders are quality checked to make certain you will be happy.

The STORE (NET OPTION) offers a 360 degree view of your cargo while keeping it safe from drops, bumps, and "nosey noses".  A durable option that offers good visibility inside. FAST FREE SHIPPING!

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