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WHOLESALE 21 Unit 3-tier display (3 of Each model)-No Back Stock

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Our full product line in a 3-tier display. This listing includes 3 units of each product we offer(21 total units).

Each order includes:

9 STORE odor proof glass stash jars (3 Full Coverage, 3 Window, 3 Net)

6 ONE odor proof one hitter dugout systems (3 Full Coverage, 3 Window)

3 STEAM Glass Steamroller wrapped in Food Grade Silicone

3 STASH All rubber odor proof soft storage container

Our attractive professional counter top display includes descriptions of the products and keeps your inventory organized.  This offering does not include any back stock(extra products to fill the spots when you sell one).  You can purchase additional back stock one at a time.  If you are interested in wholesale pricing please drop is a line! We feel our odor proof stash jars, one hitter dugout systems, and glass steamroller wrapped in silicone will please you and your customers.