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(1pc) FRESH- fabric odor eliminator spray

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We are always on the hunt to add items to our product line that provide a tactical advantage again strong odors.  FRESH is a perfect addition.  A 1oz glass spray applicator wrapped in food grade silicone and  filled with our fabric odor eliminator spray and a 4oz back up of our smell good juice.  

Lots of companies would want to sell you the juice forever but UNDURCUVUR is different.  We are always looking out for you!  Our spray does a great job, as good as any on the market...however, Frebeeze does a good job too. So, once you are out of our juice just grab a bottle of your favorite Febreeze scent and refill.  Our applicator should last a good, long time!  We are your frugal, honest, partner in a stealthy lifestyle.

Shipping is always fast and free.  Check out the combos featuring FRESH for Discounts!

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