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(1pc) AGUA-OCTO Glass Tube w/odor proof storage

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Hear Ye' Hear Ye'!

UNDURCUVUR brings you our AGUA line of Water Tubes.  Our goal of bringing you innovative new solutions has brought you the only line of water tubes in the industry with 100% odor proof storage options. 

On offer is a simple, high quality, 12" (3 piece) beaker style tube with a 14mm cone bowl and 4" percolated glass down stem. This model which we call “OCTO” has a mid tube diffusing Ocotpus (8 separate down tubes ) bubbler.  We include a top cap, a stem plug for quick storage, a stem/body cap that secures the stem and plug for travel or long term storage.  We throw in a STASH odor proof soft rubber storage container to keep the bowl in between uses. (we include the plug for STASH but it can also be attached to the top over the top cap for single handed transport.)

It's compact, separates into three pieces so it is easy to clean, and well made.  And like all our products it can be 100% odor proof.  This is a good value for the money..

Let us know if you have any questions.  30 day money back guarantee! always free shipping!

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